How much links are suitable to take from a single website?

Answer by Furqan Arshad:

First of all there is need to learn what linkbuilding is? According to my point of view it is the process of getting other websites to link to your website to improve your rankings in search engines like Google. In my entire career I always focus on quality of links instead of quantity of links and always taught my SEO class Students to focus on quality links instead of quantity of links against specific key word.
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There are many ways to build links. Some techniques are ‘legitimate’, ‘white hat’ and ‘natural’ and many – perhaps most – are now classed as ‘black hat’, e.g. techniques that violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are called ‘black hat’ or ‘web spam’.
Reasonable linkbuilding depends upon many factors. It would be rational to have twenty five or thirty links on a four page website about a hotdog stand, and it would be reasonable to have 500 links if you are a major news site like BBC from different sources.
For the vast majority of people reading this, I would say 100 links is the true upper limit of links you want to have on a page (and this is what Google used to recommend).
Before creating the external link you should need to keep in mind the domain authority of the site where you post your link. You should need to post link in the way that it look natural and related to your niche it never be look like a spam post. Google like the natural links.

How much links are suitable to take from a single website?