SEO consultant

I am Furqan Arshad qualified BS degree holder and SEO Consultant with more then Seven years of Experience in the filed.I run a successful Software house with the name of Extreme Web Solutions.I have talented team of digital strategists, designers, developers, marketers, communication specialists and expert project managers  to work in a collaborative manner on our clients’ projects.

My Mission

I am on a mission to help students,  professionals , Business, Services and entrepreneurs to build their brand identity to be able to succeed with impact.

My goal is to empower others with knowledge that may lead them towards achievement of their goals.

What I Write About

On this blog, I write around the subject areas of Direct Marketing ,internet Marketing , Branding, Social Media, Business Development, SEO, Link Building, Internet Marketing tips and ides and all cover the Internet Marketing aspect. I also write my reviews on products and  services that I feel others may benefit from.

If you found anything of value on this website, or, you saw some section of my website that needs improvement, please feel free to drop me an E-mail. I will love to hear from you!

I am also available Freelancing websites like on fiverr and peopleperhour.

Check out the feedback and contact via  Fiverr

Check out the feedback &contact via Peopleperhour



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